3 times you should call for refrigerator repair

3 times you should call for refrigerator repair

Refrigerator is one of the most commonly sued appliances and an essential for every home. It helps us in storing the items and keeping them cool, at an optimum temperature, assuring that the food stays in good condition. Many people use it to cool the beverages and to store the cooked and raw food. But the problems come when your fridge is not working. You are not able to have chilled drinks and don’t have the option of storing your food for a good time which may lead to troubles. So, here are three instances when you should immediately call for the refrigerator repair service.

Fridge isn’t cooling appropriately

We will start with the basic thing, an issue that many people encounter, which is the fact that their fridge isn’t cooling appropriately. There might be troubles with door seals and condenser coils. And even if they are all working the way it should be, you may have a problem with the thermostat. While the thermostat is likely to ask you about $150 to $250, if it is the compressor that has gone bad, you will have to pay a lot more. It can be $500 or even more, making you think that this might be the time to buy a new fridge.

Puddle under the refrigerator

There are times when you will see a puddle under the refrigerator. This too can be because of several reasons. For instance, the mullion heater might have gone bad which is embedded in the unit as a mini heater to help deal with the condensation as it may burn out. Also, the faulty door seals too can cause this to happen, which is certainly an indication that you should replace them.

Strange noises

Go near your fridge and all of a sudden you realize that it is making a strange noise, time to call for a refrigerator repair. The common sounds include a solid thumping which might be because of the compressor or it can be a squealing sound coming from the fan, asking you to replace it and get a new freezer fan.

How much does repair costs?

Well, it depends on a number of things that how much money you will eventually have to pay to get the appliance repaired. The primary two include the flaw with your machine and the location where you take the service. In certain cases, getting a new fridge may make more sense than repairing the old one.

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