Buying a new place to live has always been a primary matter of concern. The continuous changes in the trends have made it quite difficult to make major decisions. Most buyers, who are willing to buy a 2BHK apartment, come from middle-class or high middle-classes of the society. The Indian Real Estate Market claims to sell more 2BHKs. There is a sudden rise in people’s demand for 2BHK apartments which has led to a number of projects coming up across major cities.

There are a number of benefits that a 2BHK apartment provides and thus, it’s becoming everyone’s first choice. Here’s a list of all the benefits it can provide:

  1. Cost Analysis

The Indian market is highly sensitive to prices. Price is the primary concern before making any decision related to purchase. You will definitely want to buy an apartment that is affordable. It’s obvious that 1BHK apartments are cheap as compared to 2BHK apartments. However, it will not be a smart choice if you have a growing family and you don’t have any plans of changing your apartment anytime soon. 3BHK apartments are way too expensive, sometimes exceeding the prices to 1 crore or even more. A 2BHK is a smart and affordable option, especially when it’s in a good locality.

  1. Better family planning

The Indian society is solely based on family orientation and planning. Even if there is a huge rise in nuclear families, it’s not just the couples who are willing to buy an apartment. There are cases where people who are going to get married soon want to buy a house before anything else. Buying a house is a big decision, which needs to be taken at a stage where you have a moderate budget. Getting a 1BHK apartment will sound great for a couple. However, it will start getting worse as the family grows. Therefore, a 2BHK proves to be the best affordable choice.

  1. Proper utilization of space

When you’re investing in something, it’s extremely important to keep the available resources in mind. 3BHK apartments provide a large space but they can prove to be an excess of space for modern nuclear families. However, 2BHK apartments provide optimum cosiness and allows proper utilization of space. If you want to buy a new apartment, investing in a 2BHK would be the smartest choice even if you’re single. It will increase the resale value in the future.

  1. Good maintenance at low costs

The maintenance of a 3BHK is quite expensive as compared to a 2BHK. However, if you compare the maintenance of 2BHK and 1BHK, there is no significant increase in prices. In this way, it’s always wiser to choose a 2BHK apartment over a 3BHK or 4BHK because the cost of maintenance for a 2BHK will be much lower and affordable.

These are the potential benefits of buying a 2BHK. If you’re planning to invest your money in buying a house, you can find a number of beautiful apartments on Gamuda Land, a Malaysia based town maker. There are a large number of apartment for sale ho chi minh city. You can do your research and find the apartment of your dreams in one shot.

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