How do I Choose the Right Furniture for My New Porch?

How do I Choose the Right Furniture for My New Porch?

For you to select the perfect furniture for your new porch, you will first have to consider what it is going to be used for and how many people from your home will be regularly sitting or dining there.

For example, a covered type of porch that will be a regular place for the likes of say, card games, as well as family meals, will be in need of a different kind of furniture than the roofless patio type for people to sit outside on for breakfast.

  • When deciding onthe ideal porch furniture, think about budget and weather conditions as a good guide also, not just the looks.

Getting it Just Right

If you fancy an atmospheric look to your bespoke porch in Scotland, check out some wrought iron openwork tables and chairs as more preferable to wood.

The darker colour of wrought iron furniture can also be a grand choice should the surrounding materials be lighter to offer up some contrast.

  • Wrought iron is also much more sturdy, solid and elegant than the sight and feel of plastic tables and chairs.

A Question of Style

Naturally, plastic outdoor furniture works out a lot less expensive, but obviously will not outlast quality metal furnishings. However, if what you wish for is inexpensive, casual outdoor pieces that won’t last for years, then go with the plastic furniture on your porch. Or, if your budget allows you to stretch that far, spending on good quality metal seating and tables will definitely be the best idea.

  • If your porch is going to be one of the open to the elements type, you might have to refinish any metal furniture, even though this is just a case of rubbing down each item and applying some new rustproof paint.

And the Wooden Type

Wooden porch furniture is yet another optional choice in dry outdoor areas. However, if your porch allows any rain to enter, you may be stuck with wooden furniture that will begin to warp or rot.

But, if the area has a covering and is mostly dry, wood tables and chairs will certainly add a cosy, warm, welcoming look to any porch. In addition, there are a selection of stains from light to dark available nowadays, so it won’t be that difficult to find one that complements your home’s exterior colour.

  • Or, how about painted wood furniture in your personal favourite colour, for a cool looking individual kind of space which just invites you to spend more time there.

People Using It

Apart from all of the materials and the finish, you must also consider the size and the amount of furniture pieces you wish for on your porch.

The easiest way to go about this is to think about how you and your household are going to make use of the outdoor area. This will easily be a good guide to the size and types of tables, as well as the amount of seating you will require.

Before long, that new porch will have the neighbours talking!

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