Styling your home bar – decisions, decisions!

Styling your home bar - decisions, decisions!

Your friends and family naturally gather at your house because it’s warm and welcoming. That kitchen – the one in the song where people can always be found – sounds exactly like yours. For some time now, as you’ve been listening to the sounds of happy partying in your home, you’ve thought it would be great to have a real bar where you could serve up drinks to your guests. A bar like the one in Cheers, perhaps, traditional, low-lit and cosy; or something more sophisticated, with gleaming chrome and leatherwork. Then again, perhaps cane chairs, palms and overhead fans like those in the Raffles Hotel are appealing?

Inspiration for the home barista

The style of your own home bar is as limitless as your imagination. Some people are inspired by favourite holiday destinations or memories of the chic location they visited on a city break. However, there are plenty of other ideas to inspire your inner designer out there, from Pinterest and Instagram through to movies. Think classic 30s style, with cocktail shakers, gleaming gold, stark black and symmetrical art deco shapes; alternatively, in complete contrast, a gritty cowboy saloon complete with honky tonk piano, or perhaps even a Star Wars space bar theme. Your family and friends are unique – so the home bar you create for socialising can reflect your true personalities.

From drawing board to reality

When it comes to planning your bar, take into account available space and the maximum number of people you might entertain. You don’t necessarily need massive amounts of space; the corner of one room set aside with some plants and a decorated drinks trolley may be all you need to create some atmosphere if you live in a tiny flat. There are plenty of online plans available to help you design your bar, enabling you to make the best use of your space. Consider upcycled and recycled materials, especially if creating the industrial look. Perhaps you’d prefer your bar to blend in with pre-existing decor, such as a country-style kitchen? It’s all about getting the balance between practicality and style.

Incorporate some professional design and styling

Take a few tips from the professionals as well. To help create a home bar that leaves your guests stirred (as well as the cocktails shaken), take a look at the stimulating ideas created by Dawnvale, leading UK designers of bars with charisma and atmosphere. One of the greatest professional design skills is the ability to create a sense of the theatrical, and this holds true for a home bar as well as the most popular of city venues. Installing your own home bar is a great way to develop your design skills and create an entertaining space for years to come – what are you waiting for?

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